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Don't worry, Rob Gronkowski will still appear in 'Entourage' movie

Rob Gronkowski's ACL and MCL may be torn, but his presence in the Entourage movie couldn't be stronger.

Entourage was an HBO series about a doe-eyed young male film star with three bros, only one of whom was his biological bro, but the other two were bros all the same.

Vince: The actor.

Drama: Vince's brother, also an actor, often reminded he is old, unattractive, and untalented by friends/family.

Turtle: The stoutest member of the entourage (OMG I just got the title), smokes a lot of weed, eventually starts a record label or something.

E: The gang's moral compass, often shouted down, acts like choosing to get on a plane to Manila at a moment's notice instead of reading scripts is some kind of big challenge.

Ari: Vince's agent, the show's only entertaining character.

Naturally, Rob Gronkowski was going to be a part of this when a film version was announced. But then, oh no, he ripped his ACL and MCL in a football game! Forget whose gonna host "Women's Football Clinic/Cocktail Hour II," is Gronkowski going to be able to make it to the set of Entourage: Let's Get Entourager (Title subject to change/not be real)?

The answer is yes, he is. His role is just a cameo, and it doesn't shoot until February. So everyone relax, take a soothing soak in the hot tub on your private jet, and then wake up from pretending to be the fifth member Entourage's entourage in time to get to your job as a normal person.