Bob Ford caught it immediately. It happened late Monday. As he writes:
“It didn't take long - the time between the end of Monday's loss to Green Bay and when Doug Pederson arrived at the podium to explain it - for the rookie head coach to switch perceptibly from the present tense to the future tense when talking about his team.
"Are we there yet? No. Are we heading in the right direction? Yes," Pederson said. "Again, it may not show up right now in wins and losses, but I see that potential.”
With that, the pivot has been accomplished — or, at least, attempted. In the big picture, that it seems a week or two early is besides the point. Conventional wisdom says that a coach plays for now and preaches for now until the mathematicians say that now doesn’t matter anymore, and the Eagles aren’t quite there yet. So Pederson is early here. But he is also accurate.
That doesn’t mean that Fletcher Cox won’t continue to hear about his pass-rushing drought, and his penalties, or that the receivers won’t be in a permanent state of castigation, or that the cornerbacks won’t continue to be a major concern, or that the coach himself won’t have his on-his-feet/heat-of-the-moment decisions continue to be questioned. It’s just an acknowledgment of what everyone has known all year (except for those three weeks of Kool-Aid consumption in September).
They aren’t ready,
We always knew they weren’t ready.
And now the coach is saying it out loud. And if they manage to win a couple of games, starting in Cincinnati, and get back into the wild-card race, the coach will say that he never pivoted at all. Because that’s what coaches do.
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