When you are picking through the remains of a game like Sunday’s Eagles loss at Seattle, you have a choice: to examine it from up close or to take a step back and view the mess from a distance. Both approaches are instructive.
Jeff McLane’s headline says, “Agholor’s blunder turns game around.”
Paul Domowitch’s headline says, “Agholor admits, ‘I just have to get out of my own head.’”
And Mike Sielski’s headline says, “Eagles’ loss shows how much help Wentz needs.”
Les Bowen’s headline says, “Eagles doomed by mistakes.”
And back and forth it goes, a tight focus followed by a broad view. Again, both types of analysis are crucial to understanding where this team is, and where this team is headed — to understanding exactly how badly Nelson Agholor is playing right now, and also to understanding how the talent level on the roster leaves such a little margin for error that it becomes impossible to overcome Agholor lining up illegally and costing the Eagles a touchdown.
Zach Berman has the whole story here, excruciating detail by excruciating detail. He also has the remains of the day - injuries to Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews.
Finally, the last word goes to Marcus Hayes
“The Eagles drop passes and throw interceptions and make all sorts of physical mistakes, but other teams do, too. The difference: The Eagles lack the top-to-bottom professionalism needed to be a serious threat to top-flight teams. And they know it.”