Not a lot to say here -- or, maybe, too much to say. The Eagles are who we thought they were, especially when they are a half-dozen bodies short of a full complement, due to injuries and suspensions and mental timeouts and whatnot. When the offensive line is battered, and the outside weapons are unimpressive, and the pass rush is silent, and the cornerbacks are substandard, and the coach is wasting his last challenge on a 2-yard play in the third quarter, well, you get beat by the Green Bay Packers at home.
But hey — at least Doug Pederson won the 2-yard challenge.
Zach Berman tells the whole sad story in his gamer, including this focus-shifting quote from the coach: "You might look at wins and losses, I've got to look at the potential of the football team. Are we there yet? No. Are we heading in the right direction? Yes. And it may not show up right now in wins and losses, but I see that potential.”
Les Bowen makes this point: that the Eagles are in position where they cannot be right now — that is, expecting rookie quarterback Carson Wentz to win games by himself.
Mike Sielski says that the Eagles looked in the mirror Monday night and saw the truth, that they are a rebuilding team and nothing more.
Sam Donnellon has Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers heaping praise on Wentz after another day when he was left to do too much.
And in case you didn’t believe Jeff, David Murphy says flatly that cornerback is the team’s biggest problem. He says, “The Eagles are several pieces away from Super Bowl contention. But priority No. 1 should be a long-term solution at cornerback.”
Marcus Hayes saw death by attrition — an OK team unable to overcome a slew of personnel absences.
Bob Ford says there is no shame in the comparison for Wentz, but that Rodgers was simply better on Monday night.
Bob Brookover chews over another rough day for the Eagles’ wide receivers, starting with the benching of Nelson Agholor.