The name may not ring a lot of bells for Penn State fans. He's not the new Hawaiian recruit, brought in by an ornery James Franklin to teach this team a thing or two not just about tackling quarterbacks, but about tolerance and respect.

He's not that.

Not, he is not even a "he." He is an "it." And it is about to get hot.

BREAKING: Icelandic Met Office: Small subglacial eruption underway at Bardarbunga volcano.

As you know, a certain Nittany Lions football team is supposed to open their season in Dublin against UCF on August 30. That seems to be in question now, as the iclose proximity volcano has upped the threat level from orange to red, red presumably being "Holy @#$%."

Ice around the glacier is being melted by lava; should lava make it all the way through and ash start billowing into the air, then there is more of an issue. A similar eruption in 2011 saw the cancellation of around 100,000 European flights.

Penn State director of football operations Michael Hazel has said that the team will rely on the decisions of United Airlines as to whether or not fly into the mouth of nature's fury.