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Everybody pretty mad about NBA players wearing sleeves

- As a place where sports are mentioned occasionally, we are legally obligated to point out how sleeves are ruining the NBA. It's probably fair to say that professional basketball ruined the holiday for a lot of people, especially the ones in orange uniforms.

- Not even a Christmas miracle could stop Blake Griffin from getting ejected, sleeves and all.

- Nick Young had an even more unfortunate holiday, surrendering at one point to both Dwayne Wade and gravity.

- LeBron spent his day enjoying the unis, whether he was trying to push himself backwards with his onw breath,

or soaring the air while bored.

- Wow, I'm not sure what instills the most confidence - the Cowboys' starting quarterback getting scratched or the support of the Phanatic, a guy that knows a thing or two about continuing to root for a team regardless of results.

All Phanta Claus wants for Christmas is an @Eagles win on Sunday! BEAT DALLAS! #FlyEaglesFly
.@kellybhall you wouldn't know Stafford played for the lions the way he keeps throwing to the other team

In Stafford's defense, the other team does keep catching the ball.

- MLB's ravenous lust for Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will soon be fed with his long-delated international posting.