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Expectations sink lower for the Sixers

Not only have the Sixers been unable to win as of late, they have been unable to even keep it close.

The team, which is currently on a 15-game losing streak, has lost those 15 straight games by an average of almost twenty points per (19.8)!

They haven't won a game since the end of January, and even that took a last second shot by Evan Turner, who has since been traded.

Not only are the Sixers getting beat, they're getting blown out. It has become difficult to watch even for the most diehard fans of the franchise, and there's no real reprieve in sight this season.

The Sixers now sit twelve losses away from breaking the record for most consecutive losses, and if they don't get a win in one of their three upcoming games against the Jazz, Knicks, or Kings, there's a good chance that they could go winless for the rest of the season.

After that three game stretch, the Sixers will face the Pacers twice, the Grizzlies, the Knicks again, the Spurs, the Bulls Twice, the Rockets, and the Pistons. If they lose all of those, which is plausible considering their play as of late, then the consecutive loss record will be all their own.

The thing is, at this point, they are expected to lose. Of their 21 remaining games, the Sixers likely won't be favored in any of them, according to the online odds makers at Bovada, which has 3-1 odds posted that the Sixers finish the season winless.

"After looking at the rest of the schedule for the Philadelphia 76ers, it is possible that they will not be favored in any games for the rest of the season," Bovada manager Kevin Bradley stated.

"We currently have them projected as small underdogs for their home game against Utah on Saturday. Seeing as Utah is probably one of the weaker teams left of their schedule, and they are still not favorites to win, we think the Sixers may be barking the rest of the season."

Ouch, so this is what is has come to. Home underdogs against the 21-40 Utah Jazz.

If the Sixers do indeed finish out the 2013-14 campaign winless, their 36 straight losses would shatter the current record for longest losing streak, which stands at 26 courtesy of the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Expectations were low to start the season, and have only gotten lower as it has progressed. A tough campaign was expected, but the longest losing streak of all time isn't likely a distinction the franchise would be fond of.

The 2014 Draft can't come soon enough for the struggling Sixers.