Remember when you used to be able to get a free Phillies ticket just by buying a pack of hot dogs? Well, it appears that Sixers tickets aren't worth anything even close to the cost of a hot dog these days.

Hundreds of tickets for tonight's Sixers vs. Pacers matchup at the Wells Fargo Center are selling for less than a nickel on StubHub.

One enterprising Sixers fan on Twitter decided that with prices that low, he may as well buy an entire row.

There's no word on whether Adam Aron, the Sixers' CEO will in fact join @mleif at the game.

The follow-up tweet is the best part: all 18 tickets didn't even amount to a full dollar.

Why buy the whole row? "It seemed like a funny idea, and the extra space to stretch out was a plus," said @mleif via text message. Can't argue with that.

In case you're going to the game tonight, @mleif shouldn't be too hard to spot: he'll be the guy sitting all by himself in a row in the upper levels of the WFC. And, yes, he's going alone; his girlfriend turned him down when he asked her to go with him. Does that say more about the state of the Sixers or the state of his relationship?