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Fan reactions to Eagles picking Jaylen Watkins

With the first pick of the fourth round, the Eagles snagged CB Jaylen Watkins out of Florida.

Jaylen Watkins has a good chance to be the next Jaquan Jarrett

During a post-pick conference call, it was revealed that Watkins could also play safety, making him more versatile than previously thought. All in all, fan response was highly positive.

Eagles new CB Jaylen Watkins can also kick/punt and from time to time composes beautiful piano sonatas. #Versatility #EaglesTalk
— Henry Loves Pizza (@aitchpaul) May 10, 2014
I like Jaylen Watkins mostly due to the fact that he's not in Will Muschamps prison anymore. Also I just woke up
Jaylen Watkins a Eagle? Awwwwww mannnnnnnn
Really like Jaylen Watkins as an NFL prospect. Smart, versatile guy who has better athleticism than people think. He'll do well.
I want to see a Sammy and Jaylen Watkins matchup
Eagles got one heck of a player in Jaylen Watkins. One of my fav players in the draft. Lots of potential. Plays CB and S
IMPORTANT: Three of the four Eagles draft picks have a first name that begins with J.
Eagles got a steal with Jaylen Watkins!