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Flyers celebrate with loving, mid-game embrace of Rangers

- The Flyers, scoring four unanswered goals at Madison Square Garden to beat the Rangers, felt good enough about the win that they began handing out hugs (SEE: above) before the final horn blew. The game was full of moments like this.

- Baseball: In the end, we are all just some loose netting away from impalement at any time.

- How to freak out small-minded baseball writers:

Step 1: Get in the batter's box.

Step 2:

Of course, some writers will always surprise you by doing the unthinkable.

- Thefamily of the Red Wings' Brendan Smith called the linesman who broke up Smith's attempt to fight Zdeno Chara of the Bruins and delivered their eternal gratitude for his head being on his body.

- Chara's intensity was matched only by the Bruins' fans.

- Elsewhere in the NHL playoffs, the Sharks have scored 13 goals in two games against the Kings. Buck up, kid. Have you seen this Yasiel Puig flip a bat?

- Bryce Harper may not have a better career than Anthony Rendon, writes a misguided Washington Post columnist.

- Further evidence that Jeff Francoeur's career never recovered from Eric Bruntlett's unassisted triple play.

- The Rockets are, uh. Hmm.

Technical foul on Robin Lopez.

- Well APPARENTLY yesterday was some sort of HOLIDAY other than EASTER which SOME PEOPLE used as an excuse to put on some SHENANIGANS.

- And how about THIS foolishness from the Colorado Avalanche, who are from a STATE where this sort of thing is LEGAL.

- No one is expecting the 2014 Marlins to make much history; but here they are, 20 games into the seasonm proving doubters wrong.

Kind of crazy. Today is the first day game in Marlins Park history(opened in 2012) where the roof has been open. #Mariners

- Wow, that IS crazy. Hey, speaking of crazy.

Meanwhile, at the Malaysian Open