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Flyers deny selves humiliating loss

- The Flyers looked like the Flyersing old Flyers last night, going down 3-2 after two periods in Detroit against a Red Wings squad missing three key players.

Then, as the Flyers went on to score 4 unanswered goals, things got dicey for anyone who happened to have promised pizza to everyone on Twitter in the event of a Flyers win.

Okay, logistically, how will this pizza party happen.
.@dominos hey guys I sorta promised seven thousand followers pizza tonight can you help me out?
Okay everyone I'm going to go read a book! Let's all forget all tweets from today, yes?

- Meanwhile, Scott Hartnell began experimenting with revolutionary new cushioning strategies for his trademark falls.

- Here's a fun little fact to brighten your Thursday.

Not 1 professional sports team in NY State has an above 500 record right now

- Mike Tomlin will be fined $100,000 for what outlets are ambiguously calling "his actions" against the Ravens on Thanksgiving, so you don't know if he tried to stand in Jacoby Jones' way or if he plotted to destroy the world with a contingency of history's greatest villains.

- ESPN Chicago's Jesse Rogers cracked a "Cody Ransom sucks" joke and was somehow surprised to learn that it upset Cody Ransom.

If the Cubs only knew this could happen. Cody Ransom would have played every day. #bettertolose
@ESPNChiCubs funny you never said that when u were standing in the locker room

- Is there a better guy to have on your side right not than Toronto mayor Rob Ford? The Redskins are lucky to - shockingly - have him on their side throughout this name debate. To summarize, Ford sarcastically asked if we should change the Indians to the "Aboriginals."

- DeMarcus Cousins has a lot of jokes. You ever hear the one about how he refuses to shake hands with opponents? Or let his teammates do so? Ha, ha. Oh, DeMarcus. Anyways,

Asked DeMarcus Cousins about playing Friday, he joked "probably not, think I'll be out rest of the season & I can get a comeback commercial"

- Carmelo Anthony thinks the Knicks are a "laughingstock" and naturally took it out on people trolling his Instagram page.

- Ron Burgundy interviewed Peyton Manning on Sports Center, and managed to rip the lid off a story that Manning just barely knows the name of the Broncos mascot.