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Flyers playoff loss leads to all sorts of postgame optimism

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- The Flyers aren't going any further in the playoffs, which really brings out the optimists.

The Sixers have won a postseason series more recently than the Flyers.

- Those who survive off the manufactured, real, or imagined outrage of Philadelphia sports fans are rejoicing today.

underdogs, lost by G7 goal, but RT @WIPMorningShow: "more angry calls from Flyers fan today than any day I've ever done this show." -Angelo

- This Rangers fan won a car between periods, too, proving that all the right people came out on top last night. Woooooo

- Oh, also.

And that was when Ilya Bryzgalov led the Wild through nineteen overtimes, making 300 saves in the most famous game in hockey history.

- The Eagles may not want Johnny Manziel, but Jon Gruden sure does. If only he worked for a team.

- Peyton Manning can sing, proving that some men have all the gifts.

- Looks like the Diamondbacks are finally going to lighten up, or perhaps pull off an art heist the likes of which the world has never seen. Stay tuned.

- I know it's the playoffs. But, okay, let's... let's all just take a step back and relax, for a second.

We will stand and defend Our flag flying high and free We were born the child Of the strong & Wild In the State, the #StateOfHockey #mnwild

- Whoa-oh, that's not a pitcher on the mound out there, so you know something wacky is going on! Oh man, baseball is crazy!

- Toddlerball season opened in Cincinnati yesterday.

- Joe Maddon wishes for you to take your selfie elsewhere.

- Magic Johnson wishes for Mike D'antoni to take himself elsewhere.

- Many children danced at a minor league baseball game, where a fielder approaching a sprinkler inadvertently set it off, delaying the game for almost 20 minutes. Analysts agree this drops said sprinkler down signficantly in the groundskeeping power rankings.