The more common our holidays are, the less explaining they require. As with Record Store Day a few weeks ago, you probably don't need a Charlie Brown special to grasp the true meaning of Free Comic Books Day this Saturday.

Philly has a deep underground of comic shops for this very purpose. From music to speakers to yes, free comic books; this holiday will be celebrated as enthusiastically and as costumed as it was meant to be' all of it intended to remind us of the importance of annually waving at traffic alongside a man dressed as Galactus, Eater of Worlds.

Here's Hugh Jackman, super excited to be here.


The Broad Street Run was more popular then ever this year, with the race resorting to a lottery system for those wishing to participate.

And if that many people wanted to run in it, then the number of people who have been training all year to watch it will be even higher.

Which is what makes this guide to spectating at the Broad Street Run all the more helpful. From Temple campus to the Navy Yard, you'll have a full view of people who have far more self discipline than you.

Maybe this will finally be the year that you're inspired to buy some running shoes, start training, give up, and watch the race again next year.


Last evening, Roy Oswalt was being mysterious.

Exciting news in 10 minutes stay tuned

Families all over the country gathered around Twitter to see just what was going to happen.  Was he returning to Philadelphia, like he'd teased earlier? The possibilities were endless limited to that or something similar!

After the longest ten minutes ever, Roy revealed he had signed a minor league deal with the Colorado Rockies, ending the emotional rollercoaster that is Roy Oswalt's decision-making process.

For now.


No one was really sure what was going through the head of Samuel Piette last evening, either.

Two soccer clubs, Bayern Munich and Dortmund, are about to play for all the marbles, and the Quebec-born Piette, who plays for German squad Fortuna Dusseldorf, posted an image on Instagram last night celebrating Hitler and claiming that "Hitler and his army are back."

The subsequent multilingual apology, appearing on Instagram in a playful font and on Twitter, asked that this all be forgotten as soon as possible.

Which begs the question: Wh... why did this happen, again?