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Simmonds goes through the skates for last of Flyers so many goals

- Just some precious memories from that magical summer Allen Iverson spent Tokyo drifting across America.

That Allen Iverson selfie:

- Aaron Rodgers might just make it under center this week, after thanking Ravens kicker Justin Tucker for his work in toppling the NFC North rival Lions on Monday. But that hasn't stopped some idiots from taking "Philadelphia-ing" Rodgers and demanding that he be traded.

- Don't worry, Tony Romo; Jerry Jones still loves you very much.

- Some 49ers fans raised over $8,000 to fund a billboard taunting Seahawks fans about their lack of Super Bowl trophies. Before you say, "My god, why couldn't they give that money to some actual cause?" they will be donating all the extra money to a children's hospital. But not before they put up their precious, precious billboard, which is the obvious priority.

- The latest inanimate object to menace the Mets is apparently a Santa costume.

- But that's nothing compared to the ghosts haunting Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith, whose appears to be to knock him down whenever no one else is around.

- Florida Gulf Coast University had a miraculous, full court non-win yesterday that went driectly against their Cinderella persona.