Lately, there's been a noticeable absence in the afternoons on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Mike Missanelli, the station’s popular drive-time host, hasn’t been on the air for over three weeks. And other than a couple of responses, he's also been absent on Twitter since last year, causing some to wonder when he's coming back. 
So what happened to Missanelli?

According to sources at the station, Missanelli underwent major back surgery in December. Despite a recovery time of typically 6 to 8 weeks, Missanelli returned to the station in late January, but only made his back worse after about two weeks on the air.

“I was warned by my doctor that if I came back sitting in a 90-degree, angled chair I’d make the situation worse,” Missanelli said during his last show on Feb. 3.
“The truth is I didn’t give myself enough time to heal,” Missanelli said. “I want to give the audience 100 percent all the time, and I can’t do that right now.”
Sources say they expect Missanelli to return to the station sometime in March. Until then, Jason Myrtetus will continue to fill in alongside midday co-host Harry Mayes.
On the bright side, Missanelli was correct with the final on-air prediction he offered before taking his sabbatical — that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl. Myrtetus correctly guessed the final score, 34-28, but picked the Atlanta Falcons to win.