How rare is it for a 37-year-old to get six hits in a major league game?
Pretty, pretty rare. But that’s what Chase Utley did on Wednesday night for the Dodgers. In a 14-inning loss to the Orioles, Utley went 6-for-7.
Six hits doesn’t happen all that often — although this is the third time it’s happened in about a week, which is somewhat bizarre. According to Yahoo! Sports, only 73 players have had a six-hit game since 1900. The record, seven hits, belongs to the Pirates' Rennie Stennett, who did it in 1975.
But Utley is 37 years old — 37 years and 202 days, to be completely accurate — and is nothing if not completely accurate.
So how rare was it for an old man?
Even an old man who is/was The Man? (RIP Harry.)
Well, here’s the list of the oldest players ever to have a six-hit game:
1) Cal Ripken, 1999, 38 years, 293 days 
2) Ty Cobb, 1925, 38 years, 138 days
3) The Man
Some list. And the legend grows.