If there's room for Donald Trump to occupy the White House, does that mean there's room for Howard Eskin to set up shop in City Hall?

In a dig at Mayor Michael Nutter, the Fox 29 and WIP sports anchor took to Twitter with his tongue firmly planted into his cheek to announce he is considering throwing his crown into the ring to become Philadelphia's next mayor.

Eskin, who describes himself as "a local sports icon who sparked the sports talk revolution in Philadelphia," was turned off by comments Nutter made about attendance problems during Pope Francis's visit.

Eskin is referring to Nutter's shot at reporters assembled for a press conference last Monday for what the mayor viewed as negative coverage during the buildup to the pope's visit.

"I think the reporting on any number of aspects on this was detrimental to the mindset of many Philadelphians. I think in some instances you all scared the s- out of people with some of your stories," said Nutter, who later apologized for the remark.

Eskin puts the blame solely on Nutter for scaring people away in the days leading up to the pope's visit.

Eskin's beef with Nutter doesn't end with how the city prepared for Francis's arrival. In the aftermath of the pope's visit, the host was angered by what he thought was the city's slow pace when it came to packing up certain papal security fencing.

Unfortunately, Eskin missed the filing deadline to run as an independent by a couple of months. But Brian McCrone, editor of Philly.com's The Next Mayor project, doesn't think that would stop him.

"Since Donald Duck and Jesus Christ always get a few, random write-in votes on Election Day, imagine what a guy like Eskin could get if every one of his radio callers became a write-in," McCrone said. "That said, we have enough blowhards in politics already, no?"

Despite missing the deadline, many are lining up to support Eskin, including popular Philadelphia chef and restaurateur Marc Vetri.

While requests to speak with Eskin Saturday morning weren't immediately returned, his supporters have taken to Twitter to offer their vote to the sports host.

Despite the online support, Eskin's interest in becoming the city's next mayor has left at least one co-worker confused.