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Kyle Kendrick pitching lesson nets more than Chase Utley hitting lesson at Phils' auction

That's right, 2013 NL Cy Young candidate, Kyle Kendrick.

The Phillies have been holding a "Phantastic Auction" to raise money for their charities, which concluded last night at 9 p.m. with a grand total of $129,165.95.

Over $10,000 of that total will go towards two of the auction's more popular items, a pitching lesson from Kyle Kendrick and a hitting lesson from Chase Utley. It doesn't take much to figure out whose presence was the bigger draw.

That's right, 2013 NL Cy Young candidate, Kyle Kendrick.

The Phillies' most effective 2013 starter will be giving someone pointers for the price of $5,500, while Utley's skills are now worth a mere $5,050.

Not only were Kendrick's pitching skills more in demand than Utley, he was the highest priced auction item on the list. The $5,500 someone is paying to hang out with him was the most anyone paid to hang out with anybody in the auction, including Utley, Steve Carlton, and Mike Schmidt.

A game-used ball clutched by Roy Halladay during his 2010 NLDS no-hitter at $3,550 couldn't even come close to Kendrick.

Kendrick's number one spot is the result of a hard push in the auction's final days, as his grand total was settling around $3,000 on Monday. Someone had a very dire need to speak with Kyle at some point between then and 9 p.m. Thursday night.

The days of girlish screams following a Chase Utley appearance are... still very much here, but it seems that Kendrick's star is on the rise. And that star is worth at least the cost of a titanium bicycle.