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Majesty of mock drafts challenged by non-believers

- If you thought mock drafts were getting old, Grantland's Bryan Curtis has a rebuttal for you:

The Mock Draft is a Force that Gives us Meaning

Yes, it seems somebody was penning that final not-real draft of the year with tears in his eyes, thinking about all those mock drafts from his childhood when he'd bound downstairs that magical morning once a year, and nothing would be different because mock drafts don't change anything.


"But the most appealing thing about a mock draft is simpler than all that. As it turns out, a mock draft is more exciting than the actual draft. (The revelation is similar to the one that fantasy baseball often beats real baseball.)"

In the future, a mere "LEAVE ME ALONE; I'M HAVING FUN" will suffice.

- Bleeding Green Nation did a mock draft on mock drafters, and only one of the analysts criticized in the post got really upset about it and, as always is the case, made himself look so much better by trying to reach out via Twitter to complain to the site's editor.

- People don't need a "mock drafts are serious business" article to treat the draft seriously.

- Charles Barkley, giving a how-to on the consumption of churros.

- "The Cabinet of Stupid" is the hot new nickname for the Mets front office. Eh. Could've been better.

- Helluva game in Burlington last night.

- There are at least 130 Jaguars fans, Jaguars fans are happy to announce after performing what I assume is a global search.

- The Patriots are allowing knee-jerk jersey-purchasers a 25% discount on a second jersey if the player whose jersey they buy leaves the team within a year. Which is nice, in case any former star abruptly has to leave the team for some unforeseeable reason.

- FINALLY the Taiwanese got a hold of the Jameis Winston/shoplifting story.

- BREAKING: One Skip Bayless opinion contradicts the other!