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Mark Sanchez has been more effective than Nick Foles

Are the Eagles a better team with Mark Sanchez at quarterback?

While the answer to that question is up for debate, one cannot argue against the results.

The Eagles have posted a 3-1 record since Sanchez took over for an injured Foles, and the team is averaging six more points per game in Sanchez's starts.

A key factor during the Eagles' recent stretch of success has been the limiting of turnovers. The team still leads the league in turnovers, but while they averaged 2.6 turnovers per game in Foles' starts, that number has dipped to 1.8 with Sanchez under center. Less turnovers obviously equate to more scoring opportunities, and finishing off drives is something that Sanchez has also done more efficiently than Foles.

The Birds are scoring on nearly half of their total drives with Sanchez under center (2.4 points per drive), while they only scored on one third of their drives under Foles (1.7 points per drive). Before Foles' injury, the Eagles were only scoring touchdowns on 35% of their red zone trips; the lowest rate in the NFL. Since Sanchez took over that number has jumped up to 55%.

ESPN hypothesizes that Sanchez's success may be the result of a quicker release. From ESPN:

Less looks downfield may also play a part in Sanchez's statistical superiority over Foles. Again from ESPN:

Sanchez has been far from perfect, but his ability to take care of the ball and push it in for points at the end of drives has served the Eagles well and has allowed them to perform at an even higher level than they were earlier in the season.