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Matthew Stafford highly alarmed by football

- The Eagles and Lions had to play in a white out yesterday, with some players being far more prepared for their close-ups than others.

- Sadly, when there's snow at a football game, that means fans are going to throw snowballs. Fortunately, those fans were in Baltimore, pissing off Adrian Peterson.

- The Broncos' Matt Prater kicked the longest field goal in NFL history yesterday, 64 yards, on the way to obliterating the Titans in perfectly normal weather, making it barely an accomplishment.

- So all we have to do to meet our favorite baseball players is support them endlessly through their endeavors, regardless of what team they play for? Sounds too hard.

- The Redskins have a new biggest problem: attendance.

Ha ha, just kidding, they have a bunch of way worse problems.

- The Chiefs, on the other hand, have the unending support of their community.

Everyone please look at this pic and tell @sonicdrive_in what you think of it. Please RT!

- For the love of god, Kyrie Irving, listen to this weird idiot who wandered onto the court and don't leave Cleveland. They have so little.

- Oh my goodness, Kobe Bryant came back last night, which didn't catch anyone by surprise who watched his jersey announce his return by getting thrashed with inclement weather, or, like, I don't know; it was weird.

- Fortunately, despite Kobe's return, major news outlets were able to control their childlike enthusiasm.

The Raptors-Lakers highlight on SportsCenter was nothing but Kobe Bryant making shots, passing, and getting fouled. The Lakers lost by 12.