The hits keep coming.

Two days after Chris Christie said Phillies fans were "awful people" and claimed Citizens Bank Park is "not safe for civilized people," American League MVP and South Jersey native Mike Trout delivered a subtle dig at the unpopular governor.

"As an Eagles fan, we're passionate about the team and we want them to win and want them to to do good," the Angels outfielder said Saturday morning during a Spring Training press conference.

"I think he's a Cowboys fan, right?" Trout, who was born and raised in Millville, N.J., joked. "I was sorry to hear that."

Trout, who grew up rooting for the Phillies and still lives in southern New Jersey, said he didn't take any offense to Christie's comments, but did indicate the governor is wrong about the team's fans being "bitter" and "angry."

"They're just passionate fans about their team who want them to win," Trout said.

Watch (Trout's comments about Christie start around the 5:00 mark):

Mike took Christie's hateful comments better than some Phillies fans. Inquirer columnist Mike Newall spoke to his buddy Joe from the Northeast, who was aghast at the governor's words.

"You're an elected official and you're talking about people, any type of people, that way – it's a disgrace," said Joe. "I feel bad for the people of New Jersey."

On Friday, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, who once called Christie a "fat ass," said the New Jersey governor is simply a loser with nowhere left to go.

"He ran for president for one hot-mess minute and then when that was over he was moon-dogging Trump thinking he was going to get a big job," Kenney told WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi. "Now I think he's just bitter and has got nowhere to go. Who's going to hire him?

"I just think he's just done," Kenney said. "Bullies always lose, and he's a bully."

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell also weighed in on Christie's comments Friday, telling Cataldi earlier in the same show he thinks the New Jersey governor is "totally out of control."

"What possesses this guy?" Rendell asked Cataldi. "Doesn't he understand when he's attacking Phillies fans, about 40 percent of Phillies fans come from South Jersey?"