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Missanelli slams Bruno, Innes in radio tirade

One day after SportsRadio WIP host Tony Bruno took to Twitter to celebrate he and co-host Josh Innes’ big ratings win, frustrated 97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli slammed both on air during an aggressive rant on his show.

One day after SportsRadio 94.1 WIP host Tony Bruno took to Twitter to celebrate another big ratings win with co-host Josh Innes, frustrated 97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli slammed both on air during an aggressive rant on his show.

In a three-minute tirade on Thursday's show, captured by Crossing Broad, Missanelli responded to jabs offered by Bruno and Innes, calling Bruno a rat, tagging Innes as a "fatass out of towner with man boobs" and claimed The Fanatic morning host Anthony Gargano nearly made Innes pee himself.

"Tony Bruno is a rat, okay." Missanelli said, in response to Bruno noting his Fanatic show beat WIP before being forced out at the station. "He never, at any point, was number one here, unless he confuses number one with number seven."

Bruno took to Twitter to respond:

Missanelli saved his worst comments for Innes, who he described as "some fatass out of towner with man boobs."

"A kid who got beat up on the schoolyard every day of his life, kid who was afraid to take his t-shirt off in phys. ed class because he had manboobs. A kid that's never played a sport in his life. A Howard Stern imitator. He's what's bringing you to sports talk radio in Philadelphia? Please."

Missanelli also described a confrontation between Innes and former WIP host Anthony Gargano, who was upset over being replaced and badmouthed by Innes on the air.

"I love this story that this kid is denying the fact, when Anthony got in his face over there… and the kid turned white as a sheet and almost peed himself," claimed Missanelli. "And he's saying that didn't happen. I know for a fact it happened. So keep your 'Bitchanelli', keep doing it."

"Mike's insults are about as fresh as his 5th place show," Innes said in response before mocking one of Missanelli's signature segments, "Here's a general knowledge question: What fraudulent "Philly guy" has been knocked off his perch by a fat interloper?"

"Mike's responses are the last gasps of a desperate man," Innes said. "His empire is crumbling."

This feud goes all the way back to October 2014, when Missannelli sent a tweet (later deleted) that made the cover of the NY Daily Dews after Victor Cruz was injured during an Eagles game that read, "Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that."

Here's the cartoon Justin Klugh and I came up with at the time:

Missanelli claimed he wasn't watching the game when Cruz was hurt, but that didn't stop Innes from saying on air, "He's the outright, undisputed king of douchebaggery in the city of Philadelphia."

Innes followed that up with a segment called "Mikey Miss Tweets History," where he claimed Missanelli sent out some truly tasteless tweets over the years involving MLK, Anne Frank and Magic Johnson.

So stay tuned. With a summer of lackluster Philly sports news on the horizon, this radio feud is only bound to get more contentious and interesting.