Move over Danica Patrick. There's a new lady on the race track!

Christmas Abbott, a pit crew member for Michael Waltrip Racing, is certainly turning heads these days.

Aside from her good looks and petite frame, Abbott can change a pair of 60-pound tires in 12 seconds. It's also hard to miss the vibrant tattoos that pretty much cover her entire right arm.

Abbott is NASCAR's first female full-time pit crew member. The 5-foot-3 Virginia native has quite the résumé that helped her land the job - she previously changed tires on Jennifer Jo Cobb on the Camping World Truck Series.

What led Abbott to find her passion was a knack for the popular workout program CrossFit while she lived in Iraq with her mother. Her life gets even more interesting from here. The mom and daughter duo worked as general contractors in a military laundry zone. She even has a tattoo in memory of her experiences there.

Abbott is an active member of the CrossFit family and owns a center in North Carolina where she is the head trainer.

She will absolutely shock you with her ability to lift and squat an insane amount of weight. She's just 115 pounds, but don't let that number fool you - she can dead lift 225 pounds.

It's not so much about breaking barriers for Abbott though, she is simply just doing what she likes to do.

"It's not a gender issue for me," Abbott told the New York Daily News. "I decided to change tires because I liked what I did. I liked the excitement of it, the challenge and what it presented. That's why I pursued this sport."