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NBA scoring titles don't often correlate to team titles

Over the course of the Sixers' recent rebuild, I have had many people tell me very matter-of-factly that the team needs to secure a scorer. Carter-Williams is quickly cited as the distributor, Noel as the paint protector, and Embiid as the mystery man, leaving the spot of designated 'scorer' inherently open.

While having players capable of scoring consistently is of critical importance's to a team's success, the addition of a 'scorer' alone is far from a championship guarantee.

As the team builds itself back into a contender, they will need to add a couple quality perimeter players that can consistently generate offense and create their own scoring opportunities. All championship-level teams have such players, and it is an area where the Sixers, as currently constructed, are sorely lacking.

Finding those offensive pieces to the puzzle remains a challenge laying ahead of the Sixers, but it goes beyond simply securing the best scorers.

The best scorers, in NBA-terms, are ranked by their points per game averages. The league's leading scorer at the end of the year is considered to be the league's best scorer that season. By that logic you would think that having the best scorer would correlate positively to championships won, but that is not quite the case.

In fact, since 1975 only two NBA players have led the league in scoring and had their team win the title that same year.

Those two players? Michael Jordan, six times, and Shaquille O'Neal, once. Jordan led the league in scoring in each of his six championship seasons, 1991-93 & 1996-98, which is beyond pretty impressive, while Shaq led the league in scoring the season that he won his first title, 1999-2000.

Other than those two legendary superstars, no player has ever won an NBA Championship and an NBA scoring title in the same season. Some, like Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade, have achieved both pieces of hardware, but never in the same season. In fact, many players synonymous with scoring success are also known for their lack of postseason accomplishment. Carmelo Anthony and Tracy McGrady fall into that category, while other league-leaders like Allen Iverson and Kevin Durant were unable to take their team to a title, despite scoring a whole lot. (Durant obvious still has ample opportunity ahead of him to claim a title).

So while the Sixers certainly need to add several consistent, and reliable offensive options as they continue to build back up into a contender, the issue is a little more in-depth than simply securing a great scorer, as scoring titles don't necessarily correlate to team titles.

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