No. 2 seed Kentucky topped No. 10 seed Wichita State in the NCAA tournament on Sunday, 65-63, but it seems as if everyone is more interested in what happened off the court with Lynn Marshall, wife of Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall.

During the game, Drew Franklin, a reporter for Kentucky Sports Radio, shared a fairly innocuous video on social media showing an excited Lynn Marshall cheering on the Shockers that he has since deleted.

When NCAA officials saw the video circulating on social media, they approached Franklin and told him not to post any more clips of her during the game.

"We do have a policy that no one can shoot video from inside the bowl once we get to within 30 minutes of the first game of a session," NCAA spokesman David Worlock said. "So yesterday in Indianapolis, that would have been a half-hour prior to the Michigan-Louisville game."

After the game, Franklin was writing his game story when he says two NCAA tournament officials came up to him and demanded he remove the video from his Twitter feed.

"I argued but didn't want to jeopardize my NCAA credential going forward as I cover Kentucky and the team tends to make long tournament runs each year," Franklin said, noting that in his eight years covering the team, this is the first time he has experienced anything like this.

Worlock denied that anyone from NCAA asked Franklin to remove the video. Sources say the order to take down the video came from an employee of the Indiana Pacers, acting on a request from Wichita State, who cited the NCAA's rules on posting video during a game. Wichita State has not responded to a request for comment.

But Matt Jones, the founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, claims Worlock is lying. 

"David told me personally after the game to take the video down," Jones said. "This is totally false."

The video doesn't appear to show Lynn Marshall behaving too terribly, but the Associated Press reports that a security guard asked her to leave the lower bowl of Bankers Life Fieldhouse after she started cursing loudly following Wichita State's loss. The NCAA said she was simply being escorted to her husband's press conference, and denied she was removed over her behavior.

"It is standard that a coach's spouse receive a credential and that someone escort her to those areas," Worlock said. "She was not escorted from the arena as has been written or suggested by some."

"It was an intense afternoon," said Yahoo! Sports columnist Pat Forde, who was seated in front of Lynn Marshall throughout the game.

"Had I known this was going to take off like it did, I would've tried to capture more of that," Franklin said. "I only took the video I did to show how animated she was. I had no idea it would blow up."

Franklin wasn't the only reporter to share videos of Lynn Marshall during the game. Kennedy Hardman, a sports anchor for Lexington, Ky., ABC affiliate WTVQ, hasn't been asked to remove this video she shared during the game, even through it included the hashtag "#DrunkMomProbz."

So why did Wichita State ask to have Franklin's video taken down, but not Hardman's video? According to sources, they were unaware Hardman, or any other credentialed reporter, posted any videos during the game.