Microsoft is in the middle of a series of shocking reveals.

  • This is the Xbox One!

  • This is what the Xbox One controller looks like!

  • This is how it will replace all home entertainment devices in your house!

Also announced was that Microsoft, in their new age (You may never insert a physical game medium into a console again!), will be joined by the National Football League for all sorts of amenities.

Xbox One will have a feature in which fantasy football updates appear on screen, as well as 'exclusive' aspects that will jive with SmartGlass and Kinect.

The original Xbox debuted with 20 gigs, and this one's got around 500. Microsoft will even be generating original TV content.

More will be revealed at the upcoming E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in mid June. Until then, we can assume that the NFL is planning all manner of secret goodies just for Xbox One owners.

Until then, regular old white knuckle video game news!