As the first Phillies-Nationals series of the season approaches, Washington fans are doing their best to scare up the rivalry.

A Phillies fan recently turned to Craigslist to find a date to a Phillies game in D.C. this weekend, which naturally infuriated some Nationals fans to the point that they had it flagged for removal.

And yeah, Cole Hamels once hit Bryce Harper in the back with a baseball. But he paid for it, and continues to pay for it with a disappointing season. Besides, it's not like Harper hasn't caused himself far more pain just by refusing to understand why there's blood outside of his body.

It's okay, though. I'd be ornery too, if my star outfielder couldn't comprehend a complex concept like "a wall," or if the players on my team were turning on each other at the first sign of any issues.

We in Philly are resigned to stick somebody like Delmon Young in right field, watch Roy Halladay undergo surgery, wait for Chase Utley's MRI to come back, and quietly have a third place season. But you Nationals; you had to promise a World Series ring. How's that going?

But hey, after a devastating eight years without a World Series championship, those poor, long-suffering Nationals fans have every right to be bitter. Eight years, guys. That's an Obama presidency.

Sorry that somebody doesn't want to sit in Nationals Park by themselves. Last year taught us it will take more than first place to make it a top destination.