Do you want the Eagles to bring back those bodacious kelly green jerseys? Well, you're not the only one. Cranekicker, the hilarious local twitterer and Zoo With Roy contributor, has written a letter to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie petitioning that the Birds bring back the old jerseys.

Already sold? Sign the petition here.

If you still need some convincing, hop on over to Zoo With Roy and read the letter. READ IT!

Cranekicker makes some pretty logical points, besides the obvious one that the new Eagles coach is named Chip Kelly. That isn't the main reason for the petition but Cranekicker, who wishes to remain anonymous, told that it was just "a bonus to help kick start the process."

"Basically, I don't like the Eagles uniforms. I think they're ugly," Cranekicker said. "I'm not a fan of new uniforms in general. I like the traditional football look with the block letters, kind of like what they did with the Pro Bowl uniforms this season."

But will the petition work?

When asked if he thought it would ever reach Lurie's desk, Cranekicker said, "I'm sure that if it builds enough steam it will. I'm also pretty sure he knows how Philly fans feel about that color, but he probably doesn't care."

Come on, the last Birds championship came in 1960 when they wore those swaggerific jerseys.

As CK writes, "Welllll 1960 was the last title ... we still have no Super Bowl and that's the ultimate barometer of success so give the fans what we want."