Patriots go after the New York Times

Did President Trump hijack the Patriots' Twitter account?

On Wednesday, with the New England Patriots visiting the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory, the sports desk at the New York Times sought to make a similar comparison, sharing two photos — one featuring this year's team, and one showing the players who gathered alongside President Barack Obama after their 2015 Super Bowl win.

According to Patriots spokeswoman Stacey James, 34 players attended the ceremony, down from the nearly 50 who attended in 2015 when Obama was president. But James says those numbers don't tell the entire story, noting that more than 40 members of the team's coaching and support staff were seated in the South Lawn during the Times photo.

A handful of Patriots players publicly stated they weren't attending the ceremony because of their dislike of Trump. Tom Brady, a noted Trump supporter, simply said he had personal matters to attend to.

The team, in a move reminiscent of Trump, took to Twitter to share its own photo of the ceremony, showing what it looked like when the entire delegation, including coaches and support staff, were included in the shot.