It's nothing new for Cowboys-loving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to bash Eagles fans.

But he surprised many, including many of his constituents in South Jersey, when he blasted Phillies fans as "angry, awful people" and claimed Citizens Bank Park "is not safe for civilized people."

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Those comments earned Christie a response from Philadelphia Mayor Kenney, who told SportsRadio 94.1 WIP host Angelo Cataldi that it was Christie who was bitter over his many public failures over the past couple of years.

"He's got the biggest 'L' on his forehead of anybody in the country," Kenney said, highlighting recent poll numbers that show Christie is the most unpopular governor in the history of New Jersey politics.

"He ran for president for one hot-mess minute and then when that was over he was moon-dogging Trump thinking he was going to get a big job," Kenney said. "Now I think he's just bitter and has got nowhere to go. Who's going to hire him?

"I just think he's just done," Kenney said. "Bullies always lose, and he's a bully."

There is no love lost between Kenney and Christie. While still a city councilman, Kenney was criticized for calling Christie a "fat ass" following a Twitter rant after an Eagles loss to the Cowboys back in 2014.

"Hey fat assed Christie, kiss Jerry Jones' ass in his box in Dallas. Not across the river from Philly. You are just a creep!" Kenney wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. He then defended the comments to PhillyClout, saying they were driven by local economics.

"I have a big nose and he has a fat ass," Kenney said. "Just as life deals you. But Pa. and Philly taxpayers paid for that box he was sitting in to cheer on the Cowboys."

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell also weighed in on Christie's comments Friday, telling Cataldi earlier in the program that he thinks the New Jersey governor is "totally out of control."

"What possesses this guy?" Rendell asked Cataldi. "Doesn't he understand when he's attacking Phillies fans, about 40 percent of Phillies fans come from South Jersey?"

Rendell told Cataldi that Christie's 18 percent approval rating puts him somewhere on the popularity scale between being an indicted politician and a Russian spy.

"It's like the guy is trying to driving his numbers down to zero," Rendell said. "I think the guy needs help."

NBC10 sports anchor John Clark caught up with Larry Bowa at spring training, and asked the normally outspoken bench coach what he thought of Christie's comments.

"I'm not making any political stances here," Bowa told Clark. "If Chris Christie wants to come down here and take some ground balls, I'll be glad to hit him some."

Bowa said he's had the opportunity to see Christie play baseball a lot, including the governor's appearance in a 2015 celebrity softball game at Yankee Stadium to benefit fallen police officers.

"He needs a lot of work," Bowa said even though Christie was named the game's "unofficial MVP."

Watch and decide for yourself:

The best response to Christie's comments was from the Phillies' official Twitter account, which managed to throw shade at the governor while still sticking to the high road.