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Phillies narrowly avoid sweep of other team

- The Phillies entered the bottom of the ninth yesterday with a 4-1 lead and the chance to sweep the Mets; a huge boost after getting swept by the Blue Jays. Jonathan Papelbon was sore so Antonio Bastardo took the mound.

The Phillies lost.

- But wait, before they lost, the Phillies set the mold by deciding not to intentionally walk a batter in the middle of an intentional walk.

- Papelbon wasn't the only Phillies closer taking a time out this weekend.

- The Mets web site felt that the color of Daniel Murphy's bat really contributed to the home run that started a Mets late rally.

- Johnny Manziel will be receiving guidance on his career in Cleveland by a man who knows how to keep that town happy.

- There may be some confusion as to what defines a hit to the head in the NHL, but when it comes to water-related crimes, they are pretty clear.

- Unless you're subtle enough about it.

- Oh, Blake Griffin, no, n... no. No? No.


- Some ultra-rare Philly Five college lacrosse news made the national cycle last night, if you can freaking believe that. Drexel scored three times on Penn in 11.3 seconds. I guess I shouldn't have said that because that's the whole story.

- Exasperated by the Phillies' near-constant futility of the past seven games? Looking for a new sport to follow until Eagles season? Might I suggest MotoGP:

- Or perhaps Turklish Airlines Euroleague Basketball?