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Hartnell to St. Louis, Crosby to Philly, and those clowns at City Hall: a Philly April Fools' Day

A productive April Fools' day, in which nothing was hurt except for feelings.

Some people take April Fools' Day very seriously. A lot of those people are apparently hockey players.

Today's shenanigans brought us everything from the "hardy-har-har" of Nashville's Shea Weber and Pekka Rinne feigning a trade to Philly, to the really just gross image of Sidney Crosby wearing black and orange.

Claude Giroux got in on the act as well, dropping this gem a bit late in the day for anyone to be anything but distrusftul of any news from anywhere.

@hartsy19 good luck in St Louis. You're a great teammate and friend. Just make sure you keep your head up next year.
Thanks PHL. I love you all!!!!

A joke that would have been quirkier were it coming from a team with playoff hopes that were more than a sick joke themselves, but hey.

Nearby, the city of Philadelphia deployed a small army of clowns and mimes near City Hall to remind people to keep their eyes on the road.

Elsewhere, Google took the immense global influence it has built over the years and used it to betray the trust of millions of people gullible enough to believe Google Nose BETA was a thing. Also, Youtube is not shutting down to sift through all of their content for 10 years and determine a winner of their secret talent contest.

Funny or Die produced a series of pleas from '90s TV show actors, begging you to fund their Kickstarter film projects a la Veronica Mars. Shows like: