Sports Illustrated put out their annual Fortunate 50 list on Wednesday and some local athletes made the cut this year.

Of those local athletes, four of them were members of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cliff Lee's combined totals rounded out at $25,280,000 and he landed in the No.17 spot. Despite rejecting higher salary offers to stay in Philly in 2010, Lee bumped up from the No.29th spot in last year's list.

Ryan Howard also jumped up higher on the list this year, most likely with the help from all his endorsements, as he totaled $23,200,000. Howard came in at No.25, climbing a few spots higher than his position last year at the No.32 spot.

Unlike Lee and Howard, injured pitcher Roy Halladay actually dropped in the list this year. Halladay fell from the No. 35 spot to the No.39 spot this year, with his totals rounding out to $20,210,000.

Last, but not least, Cole Hamels finally made the cut in the list this year at No.44. His combined totaled salary and endorsements were at an estimated $19,900,000.

Ardmore,Pa. native Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers also made the list. He was among the Top 5 as he maintained his position at No. 4 this year. With a combined total of his salary and endorsements, Bryant comes out of the list with a whopping $46,850,000.

Even though these Phils' players came in at the tail end of the list, their salaries are probably more than most people make in a few years.So try not to cry too much when you get your next paycheck.