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Tough guy Russell Martin offers extremely tough challenge to Martin Maldonado

Following the Priates-Brewers brawl of yesterday, most people's advice came down to "let it go." But not Pirates catcher Russell Martin, who is ready to take this drama all the way into the offseason, when everyone will definitely still care about it.

Martin: "If (Maldonado) wants to have a fight for charity in the offseason. My contract comes up. … I'd be completely willing to do that."

That's right, that's 31-year-old Russell Martin challenging a man to a fight. Sure, he says "for charity," but since this won't ever see the light of day, it's just a challenge. Martin isn't dreaming Maldonado would ever accept, and he won't. In the end, Martin was unable to let it go and wants to "win" by making a challenge Maldonado can't possibly accept.

In the mean time, let's save fighting for a productive purpose.

Let's have Mason and Emery strap on the boxing gloves. Winner starts Game 3.