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Red Sox pretty much running American League scheduling, it turns out

Boston was not immune from the northeast's sobbing skies these past few days, which were responsible for the cancellation of a Rays-Red Sox game at Fenway Park. When it came to rescheduling, the Rays, currently riding a sad sack streak by losing six of their last seven, were grateful for the break to collect themselves.

Something like a, say, double header would do little to help them out. But because of that reason exactly, the Red Sox pushed for a double header today. And because they are the Red Sox, they got their wish, says the Tampa Bay Times:

"Rays acting player rep Ben Zobrist said that their objections — which officially included a questionable weather forecast for today, and several other makeup possibilities during May and September visits — didn't matter."

"In short, the Rays were told by MLB that the Red Sox (and Cubs) have exceptions to the standard rules in the Basic Agreement 'to basically exercise their own right to do what they want to do.'"

And since everyone in the world is a Red Sox fan, this is great news. Congratulations, everyone. Our Red Sox are pretty much running the show, and not even hiding it anymore.

Also, it's worth nothing that even with unfair treatment in their favor, the Cubs are still bad.