Fox Sports host Skip Bayless and his endless Dallas Cowboys trolling is just about as predictable as Andy Reid's poor clock management.

So after Aaron Rodgers' masterful 36-yard pass (and even better catch by tight end Jared Cook) to set the Green Bay Packers up for the game-winning field goal over the Cowboys in Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game, it should come as no surprise the highly paid host offered up a seemingly insane pro-Cowboys take intended to rile the sports world.

Normally, it's best to ignore Bayless and his endless Cowboys trolling, especially where Philadelphia sports is concerned. But, in this one case, he actually has a point. Prescott tossed more touchdowns in the game (three) than Rodgers (two), and ended the game with a higher quarterback rating (103.2) than his Packers counterpart (96.7).

Then again, Prescott didn't do this:

None of this would be worth mentioning if Sixers phenom Joel Embiid, who was rooting for the Packers on Twitter, hadn't responded to Bayless' comment. Considering Embiid is probably the most engaging pro athlete on social media at the moment, it's worth sharing his tweet:

If Bayless actually wants to get fans in Philadelphia (and elsewhere) to watch his show, maybe he should invite Embiid as a guest. It might help his FS1 show Undisputed, dubbed the "fastest growing sports show," improve its recent ratings.