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Sports Center gets the party started a little early

- "Woooo it's New Year's Eve! Nothing wrong with having a drink or six before tweeting some more Sports Center gold!"

ICYMI... SportCenter's wonderful butt tweet:

- The Lakers are talking about a trade for Andrew Bynum involving Pau Gasol, because as the NBA has learned time and time again, signing Andrew Bynum is a great idea.

- Alan Horton of the Minnesota Timberwolves radio broadcast team sounds like a fun guy to watch a game with.

- The NFL is so impressed with Peyton Manning's year that they are going to start taking things away from him.

- As you can tell, the Texas Longhorns had a great old time losing big time to Oregon in head coach Mack Brown's final game.

- It's hard to determine whether these email correspondence of A-Rod and Yankees president Rancy Levine are real or not, despite them definitely being real.

- Maybe the NFL season should be longer. But instead of 2-3 more games, why not make it... TEN YEARS.

- Mike Tomlin would like the NFL to get more vigilant about assessing referees. Everyone else would like Mike Tomlin to learn how to be on a sideline.