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'Terrible Ryan Howard Stat Night' ends surprisingly well

It was Depressing Ryan Howard Stat Night at the Phillies game on Sunday.

Which made it all the more appropriate that he wound up with the game-winning hit, erasing all previous failures. Until the next time he fails.

Maybe we should just stop keeping track.


You'll be happy to know that baseball's most beloved duo is back on speaking terms.

What created such an unfathomable schism in the first place?

Mariano Rivera was relating a story about an event he'd held earlier in the day with some reporters, while Chamberlain was screaming something to people in the stands. Rivera asked Chamberlain to "Shhh. Stop it."

Chamberlain replied, "Don't ever shush me again."

It got awkward. Not as awkward as the image the New York Daily News slapped together of a giant Joba tickling a tiny Mo to immortalize the exchange, but awkward.

But anyways, everything's fine now, as the Yankees PR Department made sure everyone knew. In baseball, you're never more than a forced handshake away from forgiveness.


The NHL playoffs bring out the best in all of us, if by "best," you mean "primal, blood-lusting psychopath." Until the end of the post season in hockey, some fans could literally be considered feral, until their team is eliminated, the fog lifts, and they return to their jobs as french fry sandwich-stuffers.

Yes, it was Penguins fans this week who were called out on that most appropriate of platforms, Twitter, by the owner of the opposing Ottawa Senators, Eugene Melnyk.

Well, they would know.


What's more impressive:

That after years of demand, Netflix views, contract disputes, sadness, and DVD sales, the second coming of Arrested Development actually has a living, breathing trailer.

Or that somebody put together an impossibly accurate recreation of the opening scene from Casino Royale using only LEGO.

Way to go, internet.