So the Sixers reward for struggling through the 2012-2013 season is the 11th overall pick in this June's NBA draft; not high enough a pick to secure a certain superstar, yet just low enough to make the "who to draft" decision extremely difficult.

Such a low lottery pick is disappointing for a franchise that needs to build a foundation for the future, considering that the best way to develop a team is through the draft.

However, all hope is not lost just because we have to wait for ten teams to have their pick of prospects before the Sixers select.

Yes the most obviously talented and NBA-ready will be taken, but the Sixers could still strike it big with the 11th overall selection.

Here are some other players, including a couple of all-stars and a hall-of-famer, who were selected 11th overall in their respective drafts and went out to have extremely successful, productive NBA careers.