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Twitter account provides updates on the Sixers' struggles

The NBA season is a long one, and it is not always easy for the casual fan to keep up with the results of all 82 of their team's games. Luckily for the Philadelphia faithful, there is a Twitter account designed specifically to provide updates on the struggling Sixers' results.

@DidtheSixersWin tweets out a single word - either "yes" or "no" - after every contest. As you can imagine, there have been a lot more "no" tweets than "yes" tweets for a while. The account was created in jest last season, when the 76ers' struggles really started.

It's been so dire of late that the account's last "yes" tweet wasn't even sent after a victory on the court. It came as a result of the NBA's owners failing to pass a lottery system reform. That was a "win" for the 76ers' rebuilding strategy.

The account is amusing, and worth a follow for those able to make light of the Sixers' struggles. But I might not recommend it if you don't want to become accustomed to seeing the word "no" in your feed a lot.