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Vick autograph signing postponed due to death threats

An autograph signing by Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in York, Pa. has been canceled temporarily, thanks to death threats made against the event's organizer.

According to WHP CBS 21, event organizer Joe Bartolo claims death threats were made against him, his wife and their family for organizing the Vick signing, which had been scheduled for October 31 at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. Bartolo also says he was forced to shut down JJ Cards-N-Toys Facebook page.

"The message was, 'I wish your wife and kids would die,'" Bartolo told WHP CBS 21.

There were also a lot of angry posts directed at Buffalo Wild Wings. In one Facebook post, an angry commenter wrote, "You suck. Your food sucks. Anyone who eats there sucks. And whoever thought liking/ supporting Michale [sp] Vick should burn in hell."

"I'm a dog lover and an animal person. I know what he did was wrong and he served his time in prison. You need to give a person a second chance is our philosophy in life. When you start threatening my family, that's when it gets scary for everyone involved," Bartolo said.

A Buffalo Wild Wings spokesperson confirmed to the Huffington Post that the event was canceled, saying, "The event was arranged through a third party and did not follow the proper process or go through appropriate approvals."

The couple will decide on Monday if they'll hold a private signing for the nearly 70 individuals who purchased tickets, find another location or cancel Vick's appearance.

This isn't the first time a Vick appearance has been canceled. Back in March, Worthy Publishing was forced to cancel several Vick book signings amid threats of violence.