+ The Eagles beat the Packers on Sunday, and all it took was every Packers quarterback getting injured until the practice squad QB was forced into action. Vinny Curry celebrated his sack of Packers quarterback "????" with an emotional embrace of an official.

+ All right, we finally found the thing Chip Kelly and Roy Halladay have in common – steps.

[h/t @dhm]

+ Tim Tebow is finally taking some keen career advice: change careers.

+ We need to spice up baseball! Get a younger crowd in there! Waddya say we hook up with that Music Television channel and make baseball cool again!

+ Bay Area sports radio word-sayer Damon Bruce of KNBR will be finally reprimanded in some form for his misogynistic on-air rant, which he assumed would be an okay thing to do because he excused it with the preface, "For some of you, this is going to come across as very misogynistic…"

+ Justin Timberlake insulted Philly sports fans at a recent show, which will prompt endless blog posts with this picture on it, and give fans the impression that this is important enough of a thing to respond to in some way.

+ The Saints yesterday reached a record in first downs for one game with 40, which is only 101 less first downs than the Dolphins have had all season.

+ The Braves are moving out of Turner Field after 16 years, and heading into nearby Cobb County for their new home.

If new #Braves stadium is at intersection of two interstates, I really hope Cracker Barrel gets in on the naming rights.