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A trinity of finely finished trinities

Spend enough time in Philadelphia and you are bound to find yourself in a trinity, whether it's on a visit or on a property tour. These homes are typically short on square footage and set up with only one room on each floor. They are not for the faint of heart, and frequently involve ceiling hatches through which to pass furniture that won't make it up the tiny spiral staircase. Of course, they are also always old and full of charm, if you're into that sort of thing.

Here are three trinity homes that prove small is sometimes better.

921 Hall Street
Square feet: 1,024
Built: 1850
The Skinny Minnie:
If you're feeling a little penned in at this home, you can retreat to the gorgeous panoramic roof deck. The exposed brick inside makes this historically old property feel very updated.

712 S. Darien Street
Square feet: 810
Built: 1916
The Skinny Minnie:
This expanded trinity includes a great deck space and a lovely wood-burning fireplace. We are also digging the skylight, which helps things feel a little more airy inside.

714 Bradford Alley
Square feet: 645
Built: 1865
The Skinny Minnie:
When your home is 645 square feet, you take all the space you can get. Which includes a lovely and comparatively palatial private garden in this case. Plus, the paint colors rate an A+.

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