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Philadelphia ranked 13th in cities nationwide for population decline

Researchers at Abodo recently crunched the numbers on Americans moving away from cities, to determine population trends in the top 50 most populous U.S. metro areas. While Philadelphia lost 4.89 percent of its population between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015, the net population decrease for the city was just 0.4 percent when considering an influx of citizens.

Losing nearly 5 percent of its population – as indicated by the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey data released this September – puts Philadelphia at number 38 on the list of cities who have lost the most residents during the survey period. And while cities like Virginia Beach, Denver and Richmond are the most frequently left, they're also at the top of the list of cities where people are moving.

Philadelphia's net loss of 0.4 percent makes it 13 out of 50 cities where the first city has the largest decrease in population.

"Job opportunities are available and the economy is solid, but the housing costs are starting to become an extreme burden to residents and people hoping to move to major cities like Philadelphia to start their next chapter in life," said Abodo's Sam Radbil.

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