Like a little classical with your carrots, some funk with your fresh lettuce or perhaps some salsa with your squash?

In University City, a weekly project will launch on June 4 that combines fresh produce and baked goods in a lunchtime setting with live music.

On Fridays through July 30 at noon to 2 p.m. the University City District, a West Philadelphia  nonprofit neighborhood improvement organization, and the Food Trust, a group that advocates healthy affordable food and promotes nutrition, will offer produce and baked goods from three local groups at the Radian Plaza at 40th and Walnut Streets.

Produce, flowers and herbs will be sold by Seeds for Learning Farm at Martin Luther King High School, a  student group that grows produce and flowers and by Visalli's Scattered Acres Farm of New Jersey. Greenwood Kitchens, a local baker will offer gluten-free and mostly vegan baked goods.

"We're trying to program live music in addition to offering fresh produce in an effort to capitalize on a lot of faculty and employees and students in that area," said Lori Brennan, a spokesman for the University City District. "A lot of other farmers markets are very neighborhood based but this one is on the Penn Campus and it's open to the public."