94 WYSP morning host

has been fired over a racist song performed by an in-studio guest in March. WYSP program director John Cook also lost his job over the fallout from the song "Schwoogies," sung to the tune of

's "Call Me," that was performed March 21 in studio by a guest named


"We found the song to be highly offensive and completely inappropriate for broadcast on our airwaves.  When senior management of the station learned that it had been played, they took immediate steps to prevent it from ever appearing on the station again," CBS Radio spokeswoman

told us moments ago.  "At the same time, we launched an extensive internal investigation into the situation including a thorough review of the editorial controls and systems we have in place to prevent this type of content from airing. We instituted additional educational training for the station, and have taken appropriate disciplinary action, including termination of the individuals involved." Mateo declined to comment on whether Kidd Chris would be paid out the life of his contract, which was to last another three years.

The song was also aired several more times that day and at least once March 24. It was also captured by listeners and put on websites as well as a clip appearing on YouTube. It was also linked on Lady Gash's

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, which has since been removed. When we checked this morning, the

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said the material had been pulled down by request of CBS Broadcasting. Before the clips disappeared, a

reader, transcribed the lyrics to the best of his ability. Be aware that the following passage contains material that may be offensive to some readers...

"Coloreds steal your wallets and coloreds have pink feet. Coloreds are loud and obnoxious, when they watch movies. Sticky fingers, what they are, Always try to jack my car,  Schwoogies!  Or shines, you can call them anything you like. Schwoogies!  Watch out, jigs will rob you, day or night. Schwoogies. Mookie doesn't like to work, Just rolls blunts all day long. But there's one job he can do, hold a lantern on my lawn. If someone else has your watch on, you can bet its a moolignon. Shwoogies!  All Around, there's Sambos, monkeys, knuckle draggers, So much brown Mandingo,  Go Mr. Bojangles (unintelligible). I have no problem singing about the Negroes."

Calls and text messages sent to Kidd Chris this morning were not returned. His agent

also did not immediately return a message left at his Los Angeles office. Chris was to celebrate his birthday tonight with a party at Whiskey Tango (Philmont & Bustleton). Porn starlet

was among expected guests.