Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock is behind on child support by more than $7,500, ex-wife Deziree Williams said. Brock and Williams wed in June 2002 and divorced in October 2005. Their daughter was born in July 2003 after the couple had separated. A child-support payment plan signed in a Philly court in April 2007 holds that Brock, who made $3,120,480 with the Colts last year, is to pay $3,500 per month for child support.

Williams, 30, a computer teacher at area private schools, says Brock, 31, is behind more than $4,000 from the past eight months and withheld his July payment because she would not allow him to see the child. Williams admits that she has kept Brock from seeing his daughter for a month, telling him that he needs to pay up first. Williams says she has asked Brock repeatedly for the money and that he has avoided her, and more recently said that their lawyers could work it out. The couple met at Temple and dated throughout college, marrying the first year the Dobbins High grad played for the Colts.

From July 2007 to Oct. 2008 Brock was to pay $3,000, witholding $500 per month to cover a loan he had previously made to Williams. As of Nov. 2008, his payments should have been back to $3,500, but he has paid only $3,000 monthly, according to Williams' bank records.

Brock, who has three other children by two other women, did not return a message we left on his cell phone yesterday.