"I called her a crazy bitch and an idiot, but I definitely didn't use the n-word," says Bam Margera about Elizabeth Ray's allegation that he aimed a racial slur at her while the pair argued June 12. Ray, 59, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after West Chester police found a bloody Margera on the ground near his bar, The Note (142 E. Market). Witnesses said that Ray struck Margera, 30, with what appeared to be a baseball bat.

"I can say 100 percent without a doubt that she hit me in the head with a bat or a pipe," Margera told us last night. "She's trying to say anything she possibly can to try and get herself out of trouble and make me look bad," he said.

The "Jackass" star will be in a West Chester courtroom Thursday to testify against Ray, who told us she never struck him. Margera and Ray have argued before, he said. She lives next to his bar and routinely complains about the noise. "She walked right in the club and punched me in the face a few months ago. She threatened to burn the bar down," he said.

We tried to ask Ray about Margera's allegation of previous violence and threats. A woman who answered the phone at her home yesterday denied being Ray, then hung up after we asked her about the alleged punch and threat.

During their June 12 argument, which took place about 2 a.m., Margera says he was "Basically saying if you're complaining about my bar, it's a college town, so there's always gonna be people walking across your house on the sidewalk, peeing and throwing stuff," Margera said yesterday.

The head injury forced Margera and his "Jackass 3-D" cohorts to rewrite the opening of the film, which comes out Oct. 10. Skateboard legend Tony Hawk was to throw a yoga ball at Margera's head as he performed a skate trick, but doctors told Margera to avoid being hit in the head.

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