Bill Marimow is no longer the editor-in-chief of the Philadelphia Inquirer, according to a memo from publisher & CEO Robert J. Hall.

Marimow was originally editor of the Inquirer from 2006 to 2010, when he was removed by then publisher Gregory Osberg, citing the need for an editor with digital experience. He was brought back in April 2012.

Stan Wischnowski, who took over for Marimow during his absence, will become acting editor.

"Basically, it's a decision I made," Hall said. "We were having some philosophical differences on decisions for the Inquirer and I decided to go a different way."

Hall told me the decision was made at 11 a.m. today and that Marimow attended a 10:30 a.m. news meeting. Wischnowski, according to Hall, did not know he would take over the position until today.

Hall would not comment on whether this decision had been in the works. "It was my decision and it affects the inquirer, period," Hall said.

I called Marimow but haven't heard back yet. Newsroom sources tell me he is going to fight the decision.

The memo from Hall is below:

Please be advised that effective immediately, Bill Marimow is no longer employed by Interstate General Media, Inc.  We wish Bill well in his future endeavors.  Stan Wischnowski will become acting editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer.  Please contact Bob Hall or Michael Lorenca should there be any questions.